👋 Hello, I'm Shaun Mackey

I’m a Senior Web Designer and Developer with over 15 years of experience driving the creative and production process for leading online brands. A proven leader in Agile, I’m committed to enhancing website usability, fostering robust relationships, and delivering hands-on team collaboration.

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Website Design & Development

Below are select samples of my work. Click an image to learn more about my responsibilites for each project.


Responsibilities: Develop CSS Framework

Leisure Time Passport

Responsibilities: Web App/Website Development

Inner Edge

Responsibilities: Website Development


Responsibilities: Website, Email Design & Development


Responsibilities: Website Development/Creative Services

Predictive Sales AI

Responsibilities: Web Application Development

Commercial Buildings Association

Responsibilities: Wireframing, Design & Development

Healthway Dealers Website

Responsibilities: Website Wireframing, Design & Development


Responsibilities: Website, Email Design


Responsibilities: Website Development & Administration

My Recipes

Responsibilities: iPad App Design

Leadership Research Institute

Responsibilities: Website Development

Joelle K Jay

Responsibilities: Website Development/Design

What People Are Saying

Testimonials from Shaun's network of professionals and clients


Happy customers and counting

Shaun is the most loyal, trusted consultant I have had the pleasure to work with. He spots issues before they arise, manages them efficiently, and leads the process of keeping my online brand in great shape, all very independently and expertly. He has the experience to lead the process, but he also involves me enough in the process so I can understand what's happening and make good decisions.

Joelle Jay - Executive Coach & Director, LRI

Shaun is one of the most talented and self-motivated people I've ever worked with. Over the years we've completed quite a few projects together - some under extraordinarily challenging of conditions - and he has proven himself invaluable in every case. I've always enjoyed working with Shaun and look forward to the next opportunity.

Fritz Kunstler, Principal Consultant, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

In my six months working with Shaun he has been a thorough professional in all things design and technology. Shaun is truly a partner in every sense of the word, the support he has given our organization is second to none and I look forward to seeing the contributions he will be involved in in the future.

Camilo Munar, Director of UX Design
CV Available Upon Request