3 Simple Steps To Double Your Online Leads

One question I get asked  often is “how can I get more online leads”, so today I wanted to share a quick technique that you can put into action which will literally double or even triple your online leads… It won’t cost you a penny and will actually grow your ability to market to 200%+ more prospective customers..

If you’re bold enough to try it!

But first, let me ask you a quick question…

How Much Are Online Leads Even Worth?

Strange questions, huh? Until you can answer this question it’s hard to build a strategy for automating your lead generation.

Why? Because you don’t even know how much you can pay for a given lead and expect to profit.

Fortunately, this is easy to figure out. You could use my free PPC calculator but let’s go through a quick example.

See, the “cost” of your lead is determined by looking at the expected income per lead and the price of your product, as well as the ROI of long-term sales potential.

For example, if I am paying an average of $1 per lead and converting 2% of them on a $100 product, I am not only doubling my investment ($.50 per lead not factoring hosting and fulfillment costs which are minimal using info-products) but also gaining a list of qualified buyers.

But Shaun, I want leads.. Who cares about this qualified buyer business?

First off, isn’t that a nice bonus – building a list of qualified buyers in addition to increasing your leads.

These “buyers” are actually worth a lot more though because we can have a reasonable expectation that they will purchase something again.  But to find them, we are back to needing lots of traffic. And before we generate traffic we first need something to sell and a way to get exposure.

For the product I’ll often use an ebook, video course or combination of the two. These can be created quickly (or outsourced) and distributed many times automatically.  They work for any niche and can also contain affiliate links to relevant products or services (added residual income).

Anyway, I’m sure you can figure out something to sell, so let’s move onto how to literally explode your leads.

How To Double, Triple or Quadrouple your list in less than an hour…

Now that we have something to sell, let’s focus on how to get some eyeballs on our offer. You could mail your list and let them know about your new product launch, but let’s say you only have a small list of a couple of hundred people. What can you do then?

Step 1: Connect with a few other marketers with other similar lists in your niche, and do a JV with them.

In this JV (joint venture) you offer them a percent of sales (or a flat fee) for sending a mailing to their list. Let’s say you partnered with 5 people with a similar list to yours and offered them 30% or even 50% on a $100 product. You’ll make less up front, but now you can mail 1,000 people instead of just 200.

Step 2: Profit Using our 2% conversion rate above, you’d make 20 sales ($1,000 in your pocket, a $600 increase), have 20 new customers and 5 new marketer partners happy to send out your message any time you want.

 Step 3: Repeat Once you have a few JV partners, continue looking for ways to expand your reach and mail new lists.

If you’re just getting started or have a small list, you may want to begin by setting up an automated online lead system, but my challenge to you is just go out there and try this process. Don’t get caught up in the details, take action and fix the things that break along the way!

Bonus Tip: Now that you have some sales, invest a portion of the profit in another form of paid advertising such as PPC or solo ads. Each time you repeat this process, if you continually reinvest a percentage of the profit you’ll be able to perpetuate massive growth in your lead generation campaign. And that my friends is where the money is, in the list.

Leave me a comment below if this strategy was helpful for you. I’d appreciate your thoughts on this topic.

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To your continued success in life and business.

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